Check prices new elsewhere before bidding!

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Don't bid for new roleplay stuff until you have checked prices elsewhere!!!

Like you I use ebay to sell unwanted items and buy items at a good price.  Sometimes if an item has been long out of print or unavailable then you have to judge what you want to pay.  But.... if its still available in normal outlets (highstreet/online) don't you want to pay less for a second hand item than you could new?

Well many people do not seem to, and for some reason this annoys me!  Time and time again I see people (sometimes out bidding me in the process) pay MORE for a second hand item than you can get new elsewhere, even when you add postage.

I've seen the same for DVD's and Xbox games, not just roleplay stuff.

My advise always check and and similar like HMV... BEFORE you bid.  For example you can get a £25 Games Work Shop Warhammer RPG 2nd edition rulebook for £16 on Amazon (including postage!) or a £15 adverture module for £9.  They are currently selling one that should be £18 for £9 - that's brand new!!!!  Now I've just seen someone pay over £11 for a second hand version of one of these. Crazy!!

Amazon sells not just Warhammer, they have hundres of D&D 3.5 items, e.g 3.5 Monster Manual for £10.

Why pay more for a second hand or shop worn item?

Obey these simple rules:

1) Check if the RPG item/DVD/Game is still available. Check a v.good game shop web-site like Leisure Games, etc

2) Check if amazon has it, even the US version and calulate total costs

3) On ebay always add postage to your bid

4) NEVER pay more than what you can get brand new elsewhere

5) Give people who want to save money a chance.


Good luck!



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