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In these changing days on the internet and nowhere less than on eBay, feedback and other means of checking a sellers reputation are becoming more and more important. On eBay the feedback is misleading in as much as it shows a feedback of say, 97 but that could all be from purchases, so the member is a good buyer but does that make them a good and trustworthy seller? Of course a better idea would be a split feedback i.e. 6/45% being selling/buying.

In checking the feed back look at a few pointers and do it in detail. First, are all the feedbacks listed on the same day and only minuets apart? If so its 99% sure to be false. is the lister in one country but the feedback is in another? Again 99% false. Click on one of the so called buyers, have they a listing from the seller on their feedback list on or about the same date? No? bogus again. Are there three or four identical "slightly used" items listed only minuets apart? Time to worry.

What to do is go to the bottom of the menu list on the left side of your eBay page and click on "Safety Centre". / spoof listings / suspect fraudulent listings, (you didn't bid), email and fill in the number or numbers of the suspect items and a short text saying why you are suspicious, (feedback as above, location not matching, etc, etc and submit.<

If you are right then the listing will disappear and you will have protected your fellow members from another scammer and keep an eye on the listings for hat item as it will pop up again and again and again and again you have to report it, do nothing and it could ruin eBay for everyone, including eBay.  

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