Cheltenham Music Festival Buying Guide

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Cheltenham Music Festival Buying Guide

Summertime is well loved for three popular reasons: sunshine, summer ales, and music festivals. One of the most beloved music festivals in the United Kingdom is the Cheltenham Music Festival, which puts together more than 60 music and performing arts shows into a single week in July every year. The recurring theme of the Cheltenham Music Festival seems to be grandeur, as every musical performance and the venue in which it is played is characterised by a high calibre nature, whether seen in the architecture of the massive building hand-picked for the show or in the performance of the artist on the stage.

The shows are scheduled to overlap each other at various venues, from morning through the evening every day for a week. The performances range from orchestral to family concerts, with more than 650 performers involved in the festival every year. Tickets can be expensive or sold out if one waits too long to purchase them. Third-party event ticket websites offer affordable prices for events like the Cheltenham Music Festival when purchased in bulk or for sold-out shows, or buyers can search on aggregator sites like eBay. Whatever one's preference in music, there is a show for everyone at the Cheltenham Music Festival.

Venues for the Cheltenham Music Festival

There are numerous venues for all the music shows that occur during the week of the Cheltenham Music Festival. Because so many shows are packed into a single week, the festival requires multiple venues, some of which are not within the actual city of Cheltenham. This includes performances at Gloucester Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey. These venues, nevertheless, are phenomenal in history, architecture, and resonance. The venues that are inside Cheltenham's city limits are all within walking distance of each other and of the train station.

Because many shows are not held in Cheltenham, it is reasonable for music lovers who do not want to travel by car to the next show to decide which music events they want to attend based on venue.



Cheltenham College Chapel

Cheltenham College, Bath Road, GL53 7LD

10-minute walk from the town centre and 25-minute walk from the train station

Parabola Arts Centre

Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham GL50 3AA

10 minutes from the town centre by foot and 20 minutes from the train station

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester GL1 2LX

Ellenborough Park Hotel

Ellenborough Park Hotel, GL52 3NH

Pitville Pump Room

East Approach Drive, Cheltenham, GL52 3JE

25-minute walk from the town centre and 45-minute walk from the train station

St. Swithin's, Quenington

St. Swithin's Church, Quenington GL7 5BN

30-minute drive from Cheltenham's town centre

Tewkesbury Abbey

Tewkesbury Abbey, GL20 5RZ

Town Hall

Cheltenham Town Hall, GL50 1QA

Located in the Imperial Gardens in the heart of Cheltenham and 25 minutes from the train station

The Daffodil

The Daffodil, Cheltenham, GL50 2AE

15 minutes from the town centre by foot

The venues are all spectacular in build and sound quality for music shows, which is why they have been picked for the popular Cheltenham Music Festival. However, while the majority of venues are in Cheltenham, not all venues are in the town, such as the St. Swithin's Church in Quenington. This can greatly impact a festival visitor's decision when purchasing tickets to the various events.

Events at the Cheltenham Music Festival

The Cheltenham Music Festival packs a plethora of shows into a single week and just a handful of venues. That being said, one of the best ways that music lovers can decide which events to purchase tickets for is to shop by genre. The Cheltenham Music Festival categorises its performances into 28 genres. The artists and performances change every year, but the genres generally remain the same for each festival. When purchasing events tickets, shoppers can search for Cheltenham Music Festival tickets for shows that focus on their preferred genres of music, such as Britten or orchestral. Another genre that the festival website categorises its events by is the 'Free' category, which is beneficial for every music lover who is planning to attend the festival in July. No tickets are necessary to attend these events. However, it is highly recommended to show up to free music shows early, as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Listed Genres for the Cheltenham Music Festival

The official website for the Cheltenham Music Festival categorises its music shows and events into 28 categories to aid individuals who want to purchase tickets for some of the events. A partial list of these categories include the following genres:

  • Best of Young Talent
  • Big Night Out
  • Chamber Music
  • Choral
  • Comedy
  • Contemporary Music
  • Early Music
  • Family
  • Film
  • Free Events
  • New Music and Premieres
  • Orchestra
  • Something Different
  • Sublime Choral Sounds
  • Walks

Not all genres listed on the music festival's website are musical genres. The category 'walks', for example, refers to events where individuals pay to participate in walking tours around Cheltenham to enjoy musical performances and sightseeing around the town. Some of the less commonly recognised genres include Poulenc, which refers to the works of the esteemed French pianist, and Britten, which is named after the English composer. Due to the cultural diversity of the music festival, one thing is certain. There is an event genre to fit everyone's liking at the Cheltenham Music Festival. It should also be noted that the festival offers more than just musical performances. Film and dance performances are also part of the festival's programme, along with performances of the written word.

Buying Necessities for the Cheltenham Music Festival

To prepare for the Cheltenham Music Festival, several purchases may be necessary. These items include event tickets, a train station pass to Cheltenham, and protective gear like hats, sunglasses, and jackets for any outdoor events. A taxi or car may also be necessary if one wishes to travel to the abbey and churches outside the city limits for some of the performances. Cheltenham Music Festival event tickets can be officially purchased on the festival's website. Members of the Cheltenham Music Festival receive a 10 per cent discount on any tickets purchased. For shows that are sold out, third-party ticket seller websites offer buyers the opportunity to buy tickets. This includes sites like eBay, where both commercial and private sellers offer tickets for sale to various events, including events that may already be sold out.

Train station passes can be purchased through the transportation system's website, at the train station, or sometimes through alternative websites like eBay, as well. A simple Internet search for a trustworthy transportation provider can solve the problem of commuting to Gloucester and Tewkesbury for the evening. The beauty of the Cheltenham Musical Festival is that the majority of the festival's more than 60 performances are held in venues within a fifteen-minute walking distance of each other.

Buying Cheltenham Musical Festival Tickets on eBay

When shows at the Cheltenham Musical Festival are already sold out, eBay becomes a very pleasant solution. With a search box available on every page on eBay, users can insert keywords, such as 'Cheltenham Musical Festival tickets', and within a matter of seconds, relevant search results appear on the screen. eBay users can also filter their search results by setting price ranges and specifying which events are desired. In doing so, shoppers can find the event tickets they desire within a budget range they can afford.

When purchasing music festival tickets on eBay, all eBay users should look at the reputations of the sellers before committing to a purchase by reviewing the feedback left by previous customers. The buyer feedback provides great insight into past shopping experiences with the seller and the quality of the products he or she sells, and this in turn paints a picture for future customers about the trustworthiness of a particular seller.


For many people, music festivals like the one in Cheltenham are the culmination of the perfect summer. More than 600 of the United Kingdom's most talented and prestigious performers travel to the region to perform in the country's biggest music festival of the summer. From morning until night for nine days straight, music shows and other art performances take place at various venues in and around Cheltenham. The festival offers more than 60 events in all sorts of genres, from orchestral music to film and dance performances.

Tickets can be purchased through the festival's website or through other ticket websites, including eBay. In some cases, buyers can find excellent deals on tickets that are being sold because the original buyers are no longer able to attend the events. This sometimes gives last-minute shoppers the ability to attend sold-out events.

On top of purchasing the right tickets for the events they want to attend, festival visitors should also be prepared to purchase train station passes and possibly schedule car rentals if they plan to visit the venues in Gloucester, Quenington, Tewkesbury, or Ellenborough. Whatever one's preference, the shows at the Cheltenham Music Festival are virtually guaranteed to deliver a great time to music loving attendees.

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