Cheques clearing, please be patient

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I do appriciate that once an item has been paid for that you want the item as quick as possible, but do check what the ebayer has wrote on there listing.

Personally I post on a Monday and a Friday, due to family commimtents and that I have to make a special journey to the post office.

I would say to help get your item quicker pay by paypal, as cheques take time to clear, I cant guarentee to get to the bank the same day as the cheque arrives, then its clearance, some accounts take up to 10 days, your looking at least 2 weeks before the item goes.

I know, your saying why not take a chance, the cheques only 99p, whether its 99p or £200 that item has been paid for in the 1st place, its on ebay for a reason to sell, say I had 20 cheques at 99p, if they all bounced, then Id be £20 out of pocket from the cheques, plus the postage it has cost me to send them.

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