Children's Gold Jewellery Buying Guide

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Children quickly take after their parents and start yearning for jewellery of their own because they see these accessories as treasures. Gold is a luxurious material that serves well as someone's precious personal treasure and it exudes a sense of sophistication. Learn more about gold jewellery for children and give your daughter or son an elegant gift.


Benefits of Gold Jewellery

Many parents feel reluctant to purchase gold jewellery for their children, fearing that they may lose these accessories. However, if you want to buy your children jewellery that looks sophisticated, gold is a great option because some other metals, such as copper, brass, and nickel, can irritate sensitive skin. Moreover, gold does not react with other elements, so gold jewellery does not tarnish. Gold is also elegant and a good way to teach children about the value of things.


Determining Gold Purity

The main consideration with any gold jewellery is its purity, the amount of gold in any item. Solid gold is very rare not only because of its high price, but also because gold is quite soft and thus impractical for daily wear. Other metals make gold more durable and sometimes allows metallurgists to change the colour, for instance to add a pink tint or create white gold. The measurement unit for gold purity is karats, but manufacturers use European number markings widely as well, which indicate the per cent of gold in the item.


Gold Purity (karats)

European Marking




Pure gold



75 per cent gold



58.5 per cent gold



50 per cent gold



41.7 per cent gold


Besides the gold purity markers, gold jewellery items should also feature the maker's trademark or hallmark.


Gold-Plated Jewellery

For children, gold-plated jewellery is often the best option. These items are mainly silver with some gold overlay. They look like genuine gold, but are less expensive and therefore suitable for children. You do not even have to let your child know that the gold-plated necklace is not solid gold jewellery. If the gold plating is thick enough, it will not wear away quickly.


Children's Gold Jewellery Items

The range of gold jewellery items for children is similar to that for adults, with the main difference being the smaller size of the accessories. Moreover, the designs also slightly differ as children's jewellery often features cute objects, such as hearts and bows. The product range feature gold lockets, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, amongst other pieces.

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