Children's Jewellery

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Children's Jewellery

Kids love to wear jewellery so they can look just like mom and dad with watches, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Whether the jewellery is authentic or just for fashion and fun, children's jewellery comes in many styles to please even the most finicky fashionistas. Choose children's jewellery in an array of designs and let kids enjoy accessorising from an early age.


Silver Jewellery

Children's silver jewellery comes in many fabulous styles, from child-sized bangle bracelets to silver charm bracelets, ID bracelets, heart-shaped lockets, and sparkling crystal pieces. Pick silver stud earrings shaped like fairies, hearts, or stars, or personalised bracelets or necklaces with silver beads entwined with letter beads that spell out your child's name. Silver necklaces include many options from small cross charms on chains to silver bead styles and enamelled pendants featuring butterflies, bears, or flowers.


Gold Jewellery

Purchase genuine 14K gold pieces for your children and let them have keepsakes to pass down to their own children. Delicate gold jewellery for kids ranges from gold stud earrings with convenient screw back closures to small gold hoops or earrings with diamonds and other gemstones. There are gold charm bracelets featuring charms shaped like hearts, animals, flowers, and tiaras, or solid gold bangle bracelets. Opt for gold chains with gold cross, bow, or butterfly charms, or choose small gold signet rings that work for girls or boys.


Costume and Fashion Jewellery

Affordable jewellery solely for fun is costume jewellery. Children's costume jewellery consists of necklaces with fun characters on them, such as Mickey Mouse, Smurfs, and Dora the Explorer, or Fimo clay bead bracelets that are colourful and festive. Costume bracelets come in plastic beaded styles, stretchy crystal bead designs, and solid plastic bangles, and there are plastic or imitation silver or gold fashion rings for kids.


Wooden Jewellery

Durable and bright, children's wooden jewellery is sturdy and cute. Kids can string wooden beads on cords and make their own wearable creations, or buy wooden necklaces with chunky beads shaped like animals, fruit, or letters. There are adjustable, painted wooden rings and sets which include matching wooden bead bracelets and necklaces. Wooden block bracelets spell out your children's names, and wooden necklaces that consist of small wooden beads and one oversized charm in the centre make cool additions to any kid's look. Generally made with elastic cord, wooden jewellery is easy for little ones to put on and take off.


Jewellery Boxes

Now that your children have scored a stash of jewellery, they need a safe place to stow their treasures. Children's jewellery boxes securely hold necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings for safekeeping, and the boxes look sweet on any wardrobe or chest. There are the typical music boxes with dancing ballerinas or boxes adorned with flowers or favourite characters.

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