Childrens Names - Choosing your childs identity!

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Are you having a baby and can't decide on a name?  Its no suprise given the HUGE choice available, (and even ones that don't exist can be easily made up!!).  Its quite a daunting responsibility when you think about it, you are choosing your child's main identity which they will carry for the rest of their life, they have no choice in the matter, the decision is yours!

As a crafter of Childrens name plaques, the variety of names I am asked to craft for continues to amaze me. Its quite easy to see where the new trend for 'unusual', 'wacky' names comes from, owing to our fascination with the world of celebrity.  For example, Sienna, Kiera, Scarlett ... all names of our latest top actresses which conjur up images of beauty, glamour and success, which are things I am sure we would all wish for our children.  However their meanings are far from being beautiful or glamorous:-

  • Sienna   ~ Reddish Brown   
  • Kiera    ~ Dusky   
  • Scarlett ~ Red

But it appears to be only the celebrities themselves who are keen to label their children with the wackiest names they can think off, how many of you would seriously consider calling your child 'Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lilly', 'Apple', 'Romeo' etc etc.

Looking at the Top 10 names in England and Wales for 2005, sourced from National Statistics, the majority of us prefer the traditional type of name with deeper meanings:-

              Boys                                               Girls

  1. Jack (God is Gracious)                   Jessica  (Wealthy)
  2. Joshua (Jehova Saves)                    Emily  (Rival)
  3. Thomas  (Twin)                              Sophie (Wisdom)
  4. James (Supplanter)                         Olivia  (Peace)
  5. Oliver (Peace)                                Chloe  (Verdant & Blooming)
  6. Daniel  (God is my Judge)               Ellie  (Light)
  7. Samuel (God hears)                        Grace  (Grace of God)
  8. William (Protector)                         Lucy  (Bringer of Light)
  9. Harry (Ruler of the Home)              Charlotte  (Free)
  10. Joseph (God will Increase)              Katie  (Pure, Virginal)

Its easy to see why William and Harry are viewed as good royal names.  But not too sure about Katie, given that it is glamour model Jordan's real name!!

Jack has remained as the number one choice for a boy for the past eleven years.  Interestingly enough we appear to choose names with a family tradition for boys, rather than be influenced by popular culture.

The most requested names I receive for my Children's Name Plaques are Grace, Lilly, Sophie and Chloe for Girls and Jack, Harry, Ben and James for boys, although I do receive some very unusual requests too especially nowadays with so much choice, it is becoming increasingly hard to buy 'off the shelf' personalised items.

As for me?  Well, I was given the name Josephine, meaning 'May God give reproduction' ! (Quite funny considering I don't have any children nor any plans to either!)  As a child I hated my name, and would only answer to the shortened 'Jo' or 'Josie'.  Now I think it is a pretty name and am pleased my parents chose it for me, however I know that if I am ever called it it means I have been naughty!!!

Thank you for looking at my guide, click on the link above to view my childrens name plaques currently for sale, together with my other wooden plaques and signs, photo frames, blackboards and clocks!







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