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Kids' clothes are really popular on eBay because they grow out of them so fast! Toddler dungarees, for example, just don't fit kids for long enough for them to get proper wear out of them so you can get really good quality clothes for bargain prices. Similarly, kids grow out of and get bored of toys quite quickly so many mums put them straight on eBay to make room (and to get the money) for new toys.
Great for buying or selling are: Popular toys, particularly ones that are associated with TV programmes, characters or films. Baby items, such as Bumbos, monitors, play mats, prams, activity centres, children's and baby clothes, development toys, books, shoes, baby slings, swing seats, chairs/supports, high chairs, Grobags.

Be careful: Look for a CE Mark or Lion Mark on toys to make sure they're safe for your child to play with. Check clothes labels to make sure they meet the latest standards.

Also be careful that cots comply with the latest safety regulations.
ust make sure the seller has good feedback before you buy (see the section on feedback). Also, don't agree to buy anything privately away from eBay. If you buy through eBay you know you're protected. If you enter into an transaction with a seller off-site and they run off with your cash, there's nothing eBay or PayPal can do to help you.

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