Childrens night lights

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Night lights for children

Children often need some type of light source in order to feel comfortable for them to be able to sleep.  Having young children myself i understand the importance of a night light which not only provides my younger children with comfort,  it  means my older children dont need to put on the room or landing light if they wake up during the night for the toilet or a drink..

     There are many different  types of night light that can  be used for children, there  are the usual lamp style that generally come with a cartoon lamp shade, lights that are also torches,  night lights integrated into pillows or  cusions,  plug in night lights or even  lights which resemble  a cartoon character. 

    When choosing a night light i think the main 2 things to consider are where in the room it will be positioned and the age of  the chilld.  Firstly the position in the room is important because, for  example, if you have a  lamp style one which plugs in you wouldnt want the  electric chord with in easy reach of children if they are  really young as they may be tempted to pull on the lead.  Secondly the age of the child is important as  some lights which  change colour might rather make a child of a younger age more awake than sleepy as they concentrate on the colours changing, where as a plug in night light that emits a soft orange glow  may give them all the comfort they need to drift off.  
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