Child's Play 3 on VHS:The real originals!

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Child's Play 3-Finding An Original VHS!

As we all know, this video has been out of print ever scince 2-year old James Bulger was murderd by a couple of 10-year old boys back in 1993. This film is becoming encreasingly hard-to-find, with only a few original VHS copys still in circulation. Here's how to spot an original!:

1- The VHS itself will carry an original CIC  hologram.


2- The box and sticker on VHS will have a BBFC Cert 18 on it.


3- The box and sticker on the VHS will have the CIC logo on it.


4- The box and sticker will have the words "Child's Play 3" printed on them.

So don't get caught out!

Buy an original of this deleted Horror Classic!

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