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Horrendous Wedding Dress

Please beware of this seller, I ordered a wedding dress from them and it was absolutely disgusting.  Made to measure but it was about 3 sizes too big (how can you get it that wrong).  The material was cheap and tacky, nothing like the beautiful dress in the description pictures, the lace had holes in it, none of the stitching was straight, I could go on and on.  They agreed I could return it but prior to do this I contacted ebay customer support who agreed that under the money back guarantee, as it wasn't as described, I would also get the return postage refunded (it cost me £23.00 to send back) so I did, they let it sit in customs without collecting it.  I sent numerous emails and they kept saying they had refunded me when they hadn't.  Eventually had to open a case against them and ebay refunded me (not them) but ebay wouldnt refudn they return postage I had to contact the seller direct for this, again numerous emails and no replies.  When I did eventually get a reply they said they wouldnt refund the postage, I argued back with them and they offered me 1/2, I said no and they then offered 1/3?????  I got so fed up I eventually agreed to half but to my surprise (not) I have not received a reply for weeks.  They obviously knew what they were doing trying to stretch it past the 60 days as I no longer can leave feedback.  I have noticed that somebody else order the exact same dress and they did get to leave them a negative feedback, looks like the exact same thing happened to them.  Please beware, at least I did get my £91.20 back although did lose out on the £23.00 but only because ebay refunded this to me.
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