China and Porcelain

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Apart from using the poly chippings and bubblewrap - invest in some foam sheeting. 

Pack parts that stick out i.e, arm, hand or leg - first wrap with foam sheeting - any small areas like fingers can be cushioned with individual pieces of the poly chipping.  Then use the foam sheeting to cover other areas - they will eventually look like a 'Mummy' but secure.  Wrap again with bubblewrap with 3 layers.  and place into a box with at least a minimum flooring of polychippings - pack well with additionaly pieces of foam sheeting to prevent the item moving from side to side.  Top off with a generous helping of bubblewrap, newpaper or anything else that will ensure the item does not move. Cover outside of box with corrigated paper.  Place into another box and seal.  This is particularly good for sending overseas.  We have successfully sent to central Australia like this. It takes time but well worth while.  Best wishes to all.  Christine and Richard Barker (Mother and Son).

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