China mobile phones in UK

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Just a short guide to let people in the UK know about the practices of some china mobile phone vendors.

I have recently been looking for a dual sim card phone to allow me to use both work and personal numbers without carrying 2 phones.

I have now purchased 5 different phones with varying results. Only one so far has worked as stated. The rest will not work with 2 O2 sims.

This is because of the way the network operators validate the sim against the IMEI of the phone. Most china mobiles only have one legal IMEI and so wont work with 2 sims on the same network ( or at least O2) 

To get to the point, one seller was kind enough to explain this to me and said he could help me if I purchased a phone from him. I did and he sent me some software with instructions on changing the second IMEI to a valid one, which worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately he forgot to inform me that this is illegal in the UK and is rigorously enforced due to other criminal associated activity including unblocking stolen phones.


Ebay have been notified but do not seem to care and didn't even read the email I sent, simplying sending a standard "sorry you received an unpleasant email" reply

Be warned !!!

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