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though Chinchillas may look cute and cuddly they Really have more to them than that
they have a lot of needs and need a lot of looking after!
I would not Recommend them as a Child's first pet as they are  not like a Hamster or a Rabbit  or even a Guinea pig!

Chinchilla's need a lot of Time spend with them to get to know them and them to get to know you! Unlike a guinea pig that you can just go in the they're home and pick them out
chinchillas need to get time to adjust to they're new homes and life styles and Owners before they will Truly Settle in and then the need to learn to Trust you before they will come to you ( think of your first day at School and how you felt they are the same bar they take longer to adjust)

Chinchillas can live up to 15 - 20 years some even live till they r 25! ( if well looked after and on the right diet)

5 Daily things chinchillas need!

1. A sand bath once a day ( they r not allowed wet!)

2. Clean water and food
3. out of cage time
4 Piece & Quite during the day ( they come to live during the night)

5. A cool Temperature Environment ( not extreme cold or boiling hot just cool and no DRAFTS or WET! Environment)   

If you take your time to get to know your chinchilla it will pay off in the end and you' s will live happy together for years!!
if your rush in to soon with him/her then you will lose the Trust that you may have and that takes ages gaining it back for small furry animals they are very intelligent and THEY do always Remember things ( from you dropping them to hurting them------Too you being good to them and giving them what they need daily and treats ect!

My Advice would be Do Research before considering getting a chinchilla you cant learn along the way without having background information on them! I have knowledge on the little critters but am still learning! and still will be in years to come!! they can get sick and ill real quick and this can result in DEATH!!!

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