Chinese Bike Spares

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My Grandson reached his 16th. birthday in February this year. He's been riding a little Jawa moped since he was 13 years old and now that he was able, he wanted something more impressive.

Working through the summer holidays he had saved over £500 and bought himself a Kinroad 50cc XT-18 - a most impressive looking machine. He lived on it. Morning noon and night he cruised. Within a very short time he had accumulated a host of new biker friends - all very impressed with his bike.

Then it happened. The bike stopped but not before making some "funny" noises. He was devastated. We assumed that the head gasket had failed. We sent the bike off to the local expert who eventually declared that the engine was knackered. The piston had had a row with the exhaust valve and both parts had failed.

"Needs a new engine" - the garage man declared.

We phoned around and finally got a quote from Chinese Bike Spares. £175 delivered. (Most other quotes were over £250)

I sent an e-mail requesting confirmation of the quote. After 3 days without an answer I phoned the company. A young lady answered my call. After explaining the reason for calling she cut me short with " Oh yes, I know I know" then, "I'm too busy to take your details at the moment - call me back at 12 o'clock - Oh, and if you withhold your number again, I won't answer you call!"

Now this is just what you want to hear when you're desperate - isn't it? I've never withheld my phone number.

I phoned Xinling World UK - They couldn't match the price of Chinese Bike Spares but were close and so much more helpful and curteous.

The new engine was dispatched within 12 hours of my query - just £20 more in price but without the hassle,

The lad is back to cruising. My thanks to Xinling World Uk. 



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