Chinese Bikes, 50cc/125cc

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Now i speak with previous experiance of Chinese Motorcycles, and suprisingly i havent yet told you to run a mile and dont even touch them. because generally they are ok. some vary to others, and sometimes you may even get an excellent Chinese bike.

The problem is with crossers/supermotards is that the frame they are built on, caters a 250cc engine, so when they are replaced with a 50/125cc engine, there are big gaps and things rattle. this causes everything to become loose and break. so tip 1 of buying a chinese bike, is that if they have much larger engine sizes available then leave them alone unless you are buying the larger engine size.

if the seller offers a guarentee of parts and labour, then they are confident with there products, therefore you can be too.

But seriousley avoid buying a bike that require building in any shape or form, bits area always missing, and you could even slightly tighten a bolt and the whole thing often breaks. and many bolts that you shouldnt need to touch may be loose, and not tightened by the factory. a pdi from the dealer ensures everything is ok, and reliable businesses will return and faulty bikes.

make sure the seller has been established for over 2 years, offers warranty, (not just parts). builds and pdi's the bike, and accepts all payment types. other motorbike dealers will slag off chinese bikes, but thats partially because they cannot build and supply bikes for that price.

when your bike arrives, take it steady, get to learn everything about it. and run it in slowly. things will come loose it happens on all new motorbikes. just check everything regually. and keep on top with maintaining it,

good luck and enjoy.

1 more tip, avoid Dave Woods motorcycles in York, i speak with unfortunate experiance of many problems, not only with myself but a large handfull of friends.

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