Chinese Cross Stitch Kits

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I am a cross stitcher myself, so I was quite excited when I stumbled on by chance some chinese cross stitch kits on ebay. A lot of the kits I have looked at and indeed bought were very alike  in appearance to more 'famous' kits which are usually a little to expensive to buy, mirabilia, passione ricamo, lavender & lace and dimensions gold to name a few.
After purchasing the kit in question (which was virtually the same as enchanted  mermaid by mirabilia)
I opened it to find no instructions, which is fine if you have done some stitching before. The key had a lot of chinese symbols alongside the equivilant dmc thread numbers, the beads were in the closest match to the chart(not exact), The material contained was plain white 14ct aida.
The quality of the chart was very good, very clear. With using top brands of thread all the time (i.e dmc & anchor), I could feel the difference in quality, and the thread tangled very easily.I did a colour run test with the threads and they didnt run but I would not reccomend washing the picture after stitching.
These kits are fine if you are stitching on a budget, but if you wanted an heirloom piece that would stand the test of time I would recommend using the original articles wherever possible. As I previously said there was nothing wrong with the chart itself and it did have the dmc & mill hill bead numbers listed, but when I ended up bidding £14.89 for the kit and then having to replace all threads & stuff, I could have just bought the original chart!

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