Chinese Dolls House Furniture.

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Hi I have never written a guide before - so please bear with me if I get anything wrong or I bore you with the background ( I am sorry) . 

Many years ago I went to an auction and bought a dolls house it was a proper collectable dolls house and I set about restoring it and there seemed at the time to be many dolls house shops that specialised in what I would term proper collectables.   My son was born and the dolls house became something that was pushed to the side money was a bit tight and it was a luxury I could not afford at the time.

A few months back my son is 10 now I got the dolls house out and thought come on you have the bathroom and kitchen to do and you can spare a few pounds here and there to finish it not too mention the time - get your finger out girl and do this. 

I began searching ebay for items, and there are lots of auctions with cheap furniture sets.  I thought I would buy a few I bought a complete bathroom for £20.00 and an accessory set for £15.00 which was marked up in the auction as good quality and exceptional craftsmanship handmade etc - collectables and vintage.   When I received the two sets I was astonished apart from being mass produced the quality was terrible.  The glue was blobbed everywhere.  For instance on a chest of drawers the little handles none lined up and some were covered in glue.  The bath and sink & toilet were made of wood and the paint was all marked and the gold coachlines around the bath were smudged.  

What I want to say is when doing a dolls house - quality counts its the difference between having something that you can show off and hand down to future generations to having something that is really just for children to play with - although I must say with some of these chinese furniture items you would be scared of a child getting hold of it in case bits fell off and they choked.  A dolls house can be worth a small fortune if done properly and handed down as a family heirloom - I am afraid some of this mass produced rubbish being offered as craftsmanship and collectables/minatures are not worth handing down.   They are not even too scale.  For instance the bath on this set is out of proportion to the sink and toilet as is the mirror and jars.   I collect to 1:12 scale and these most certainly fall a long way off.  

I don't wish to bore you but if you see an item on ebay that looks cheap for a dolls house the reason being it is probably mass produced badly made rubbish.   I have learnt my lesson this week £35.00 may have bought me two room sets but they certainly did not buy me quality and something I would enjoy looking at and showing off.  You really have to be extra careful with what you buy on here with regards to dolls house collectables.

I wish you hours of fun with your dolls house and hope this may stop someone making the same mistakes I did.


Thank you for taking the time to read the review




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