Chinese Fraud

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I had an item on ebay  when I received a question from a potential buyer. When I opened the query it was a mailshot from a Chinese electronics company saying they can supply a range of ipods amongst other things at greatly reduced prices. They are based in "Beijing" and supplied me  with their bank details + how to pay them via Western Union. The contact gave his name as Wang Gang and of course neither he or his company were registered  on ebay. The thing that really set alarm bells ringing  was that the  name on the bank details was not that of the 'company' but of another individual called Wei. Their site was a bit suspicious to, as many of the graphics and item details etc had been lifted from ebay itself and other sites. Most prices were really too good to be true. These guys are working on the premise that we in the west are always on the look out for ways to make a quick buck - basically a greed driven thing. So beware of Chinamen bearing cut price electronic goods!

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