Chinese Gibson L es Pauls.The Twist.

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I have been reading about the chinese les paul saga for a long time,hearing all sorts of horror stories relating to supposedly un-playable guitars so I thought there is only one way to find out.Having a spare £200 I decided to purchase one of these "gremlin infested" so called instuments.I own several les pauls already (gibson) and have been a player for roughly 31 years.Now for the twist in this here tale.Imagine my surprise upon opening the box and finding a well made professionally finished guitar.I know looks are,nt everything and I would be the first to agree on that,so it was out with the screwdriver!!!Out came the pick-ups (pafs)wiring very tidy indeed.Had a look inside....Solid mahogany!!!!! Maple cap!!!!Up top gibson deluxe stamped klusons!!!!Plays like a dream (after a set-up)in fact as good as some of my other les pauls.So my advice to anybody who is a perspective purchaser of a chinese "GREMLIN INFESTED" les paul is simple:try it,you may just land yourself a beaut. stevep3678.
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