Chinese Honda copy regulator rectifiers

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 If you've got a Honda you'll know about the problems OEM and "Quality" aftermarket reg/recs have. They are shite, give it six months, they overheat and leave you stranded. So you look around, and you come across a half price one on Ebay. Quite simply, don't waste your money. They will last three months if you're very lucky, then, pop, they burn out.

Have a look on google for the solution to this problem, which basically involves fitting an R1 reg/rec in place of the poxy little Honda item.

And lastly, don't buy from seller hasiugaumai. Sorry if this is racist or whatever, but he's a chinese seller and I have yet to find one selling genuine parts or aftermarket parts that are actually any good. As if that wasn't annoying enough, when I asked him for a refund he replied straight away and sounded very helpful, but then ignored me. Useless.

This is an update, I eventually got a refund three months after asking. Thanks  !

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