Chinese Hot Tubs

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To be fair, when we first purchased our Hot Tub from E bay and realised on delivery it was of Chinese origin I was mortified having looked up reviews and read some horror stories. We did try and pursue a refund but had difficulty contacting the supplier (suprise). So here we were stuck with it. So what could go wrong? Mechanically I felt no matter what happened I could probably sort it and electrically I found that the control panel and associated equipment were standard items available on-line. Everything seemed to function ok and there was one small fitting leaking underneath which was an easy fix. After the first summer the unit would not heat but this was due to a blocked in-line strainer (once again an easy fix!) I had heard that one of the common problems with this particular tub was the heater so I guessed I was living on borrowed time but Hey! we had already had some good fun with something that was at least 2-3K cheaper than most other equivalents from major dealers. Next summer ( we did not use it all year around) sure enough the Heater gave up the ghost. Apparently the problem is caused by furring of the small pipework coming off the heater. I could have looked into it but decided to sort the problem to be sure it would never come back to bite us again. Having purchased a completely different type and done the mods to make it fit we were away again at a cost of less than £100 and no problems since! We do have a local Hot Tub/Spa shop with a guy who is experienced and full of good advise. In his opinion although Chinese models are frowned on and probably cost more to run due to the motor quality he himself would infact buy one. We are now entering our fourth summer having stained the outside and restored it to look as new. Would we do the same again? more than likely although I would have tried to seek more info on the origin of the unit. May be as well to have a friend standing by who is half Chinese and Half English that way you may have a chance of reading the manual. Roll on the Summer..........






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