Chinese Import Fake Guitars

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Judging from the other guides I have read, these instruments (if you can call them that) are of very poor quality - even if you only pay a small amount for them.  The scam seems to be in the carriage rather than just in a rubbish guitar.  You think you are protected because they offer a money back guarantee, however if you look into it you find that all you will get back is the cost of the guitar - sometimes as little as £2.99.  The carriage can be £150 or more - which you won't get back, however the true cost of shipping on a slow boat from China is a lot less.  If you choose to return it you will have to pay the carriage (non-refundable).  The net result is that they have made around £100 profit on the carriage you you have a piece of junk.  I spoke to a guy who bought a "Les Paul Custom" - there was a picture of a genuine Les Paul but the description didn't mention a guitar at all, in fact it was banging on in pigeon English about the craftmanship of Chinese workers - he paid £49 for the guitar and £199 carriage and what did he get? a cheap plaster Chinese ornament.  The moral is if it looks like a con - it probably is, there is no such thing as something for nothing - Beware!
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