Chinese made clocks 'elliott & sons'

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Beware of small brass carriage clocks from China and India that are signed 'elliott & Sons' or Elliot& Sons' and

showing 'London' on the face. They also can carry'made in France' on the face. These are cheaply made copies of

small brass carriage clocks  made with poor quality metal and often sold by long established ebay sellers who refuse

to stop. A very useful guide to watch out for is' the seller does not accept returns on this item'. Why? Any clockman

will always take back a clock if it is advertised incorrectly. Also 'elliott & Sons and Eliot & Sons' did not trade with the

public. F W elliott and F W Elliot did trade with selected imported brass carriage clocks from France that carried their family

name on the front face and on the rear back brass panel. These clocks are rare and sell for upwards of £500 on ebay. The small

circular brass and porcelain panel rectangular clocks are fakes trading on the good name of Elliotts' Avoid them like the plague.

REMEMBER all genuine clock dealers will accept returns.


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