Chinese motorcycle or scooter warning to buyers.

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If you are thinking about buying a chinese motorcycle or scooter on Ebay , be careful.

I'm not saying they are bad bikes, i have bought 9 to date, and still have 5 at present in my ownership. The problem is with some of the importers and middle men on here, I repeat SOME not all.

I have had 3 out of 9 deals that have gone sour, down to the things that happen after you pay your money, two of which are ongoing now and are the most difficult to sort out.

If you buy one I recommend you buy it registered, or that the process of registration is done for you . There are many who sell on here who advertise do-it-yourself  registration, they supply the paper work that should consist of the following,

1/ certificate of conformity......needed to show that imported bike is suitable for road use within the country you wish to register and the specification is compatible. Without this you will have to take the machine to a VOSA ministry testing station to get an MSVA ministers certificate before you can register it for the road, cost about £80.

2/ Certificate of newness...... without this you will not be able to register as a new machine.

3/ V55/4 document to apply for registration  and first tax disk...... Some good importers will supply and fill in  most of the details for you and only leave you the task of your name and address to fill in, others will not supply, in which case you have to send off to the DVLA to get one , then fill in all the details yourself., The cost of registration is currently just over £50 plus the first road fund license fee. You will also have to have the bike insured on the vin number, and as registration will not yet be known, some insurance companies will not allow this, and the ones that do may charge you £20 or so extra on the premium for the service.

Don't forget you have to buy the number plates, and to do this you will be sent a authorization paper about 3 days after you take all your paper work to you  local DVLA office to apply for registration. you may not use motorcycle untill then.  You must get in touch with your insurance broker to give them registration number now you know it, as they will cancel your insurance if you don't within 7-28 days from policy start date if you don't and refuse a refund..

4/ Customs paper c&e 386   to show that import duties and vat has been paid by importer... or they may charge you duty again without proof.

5/ Proof of identity.

6/ Sales invoice from person you bought the bike off..... must identify the machine you are registering by stating the VIN number and the vat amount, with name of you the buyer on it as well to prove your ownership.

You may be surprised that some of the many sellers on Ebay fail to supply paperwork that is acceptable to the DVLA because of incomplete documents mentioned above or wrong Vin numbers by mixing up the paperwork that goes with the correct bike. They may send your paperwork to another buyer and you may get someone elses. check the vin plate on machine to make sure you have correct papers, as it saves a red face down at the LDVLA, and your wasted time.


I have 2 bikes at present without the certificate of conformity, from 2 different Ebay sellers, both of which have been suspended by Ebay shortly after I paid for them for reasons unknown. both took about 3 weeks to respond to my request for the paperwork I have received,  i constantly had to keep sending requests to and  wait for them to reply with many broken promises only to find that one has the wrong certificate of conformity, and the other I have not received since I bought in the last week of March over 5 weeks ago!!!!!.

The problem has been made far more difficult by there suspension and buyer protection has gone as they are shown as no longer a member. The items you have bought details just disappear from your won items column, if you have not made previous notes or saved the emails your in real trouble.

Just be aware of all these possible problems before you click the button to make that purchase, but it is safer to buy from a reputable Ebayer with good feed back but don't give feedback untill you have received ALL the correct paperwork.

I have learnt from my mistakes so you don't have to make the same ones.

 By johnm4405.


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