Chips claiming 15-20 BHP Increase

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The majority of these 'chips' are just common resistors that you can buy from your local electrical or hardware store for about 20-50p! They are just a piggy-back, fooling your ECU into thinking the air it is receiving is cooler than it actually is- ignoring the signal from your Air Mass or Air Flow Meter.
This will eventually cause massive carbon build up in the engine, and could end in serious repair bills.

If you want more power, consider getting a proffessional re-map or chip install - considering you would usually pay a minimum of £200 for this service, do you really think you can get a safe and effective alternative for £5????

You know what they say, If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is? Well in the case of the 15-20 BHP increase 'chip', it certainly is!!!
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