Chloe Paddington Fakes!

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As a valued member of the 'fanclub' for Chloe Paddington bags, I figured i should share my expertise on spotting the fakes! ebay is riddled with fakes, so no doubt youve most likely been duped if you have bought a really cheap paddington! what to look out for;

paddingtons come with a serial number sewn into a tag inside the bag (these can be faked very easily so be careful)

paddingtons generally only come in white, black, brown, tan, and red colours, (so that bright hot pink youve got your eye on, is most likely a fake) sorry but chloe do not make th bag in pink or yellow or lime green!

the padlock is quite heavy, so if it feels light, again it is most likely a fake. reciepts given with your purchase does not mean that it is real, fake reciepts can be bought from the internet very easily, so dont be fooled.

Buy from sellers that have 100% feedback, and always read the feedback, they may only have that because they have been buying and selling silly things to make up the percentage.

chloe paddingtons have a small stamp on the padlock, key, both c's on eitha edge of the bag (however only on one part of the c), and also on the lock, and imprinted on the inside of the bag. the amount of paddingtons on ebay that have large chloe stamps is ridiculous, the chloe stamp is small in size. the stamp on the padlock is a large giveaway for this.

many of the white paddingtons do not come in solid white, they generally have brown stiching or grey stitching (2007 season)

you shall never be able to buy a paddington at less than they are iin the shop. even if the bag is used, they are still expensive to buy bcoz these bags are rare and sought after. that 99p bag is obviously a fake!

tags such as the round circle with chloe on can be faked so easily, there were sum on bags at my local market! that is how easy they can be faked. the best way to buy a chloe paddington is from a reptable store such as chloe, or selfridges.

you can get your bag checked out at selfridges as the shop keepers can tell a fake from a real one, but please be careful if youre going to do this, bags could be confiscated!


good luck!!


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