Cho Yung Tea - DO NOT BUY

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I would like to warn people NOT to buy the Cho Yung tea, alot of companys are offering a free trial etc etc, what what u dont notice is they will take 50GBP from your bank account u used to pay for postage each month.

I stupidly got sucked into this, yes you loose a few pounds but after only 4days of drinking the recommenede 2 cups a day i became very ill!! 14days later and i am still very ill. I have SEVERE diarraha, stomach cramps and back pain. I havent been able to eat for 3days as it makes me vommit, I also have a lumpy red rash all over my back and stomach. My doctor says it is due to the ingredients in this tea. It literally distroys your insides!! making you feel slimmer and getting you hooked. I have had 4 drips inserted into my arm so far as this tea causes DANGEROUS deydration and a nasty yellow coating on your tongue!!

Please please please do not buy this tea! it is not worth your health for a temperary few pounds drop x

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