Choose the CORRECT SIZE Glasses /Spectacles /Sunglasses

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Choose the correct size glasses / sunglasses so they fit and look better.

New to buying frames over the internet? Don't get confused by all the numbers mentioned with the frame as these numbers are very important in ensuring you are buying a frame that looks and fits correctly. The more measurements that are provided, the better. All frame measurements are given in millimetres and can usually be found on the inside of the arm or on the inside of the bridge.

An example of a frame with the following numbers. “50 - 20 – 140”
In this example this means that the lens diameter is 50mm the bridge is 20mm and the arm length is 140mm.

Lens Diameter:  This is measured across the lens from the bridge.
Bridge: This is the area which sits directly above your nose.
Arm Length: There are three arm lengths that can be regarded as standard; 135mm, 140mm and 145mm.

There are also 2 extra measurements that can give you even better indication of a frame size.

Frame Width: This is the measurement across the full frame to give better indication of overall size.
Lens Height: This is the measurement from the top to bottom of the lens to give indication of lens depth.


We hope that this guide allows you to purchase frames that fit you better. If you require any further advice, please email us.
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