Choosing A Fragrance

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Choosing a Fragrance

You have an intimate and personal scent 'circle' around you stretching to about an arm's length. The scent within this 'space' is unique to you. Only those who step into your space will be aware of your scent.

It is the fragrance you wear and it's reaction with your skin and body oils that gives off the unique scent you have.

Those with dry skin absorb more of the fragrance and so should apply it more often.

Fragrances should not smelt from the bottle as this will not give you the true scent. They should always be tested on the skin to give you the scent that is yours alone!

Fragrance should be applied to pulse points. This is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin giving off more heat thereby radiating your scent. Pulse points are the wrist, behind the ear, the breasts, crook of the arm and knee, the lower neck and ankles!

Your unique scent sends very personal, intimate and subtle messages to the ones you allow into your space!

Your fragrance affects your mood and can make you feel exciting, upbeat, confident and sexy.

You should wear it everyday and through the day because you're worth it!

You can pass this gift of fun and excitement to your friends and loved ones by giving fragrance as presents!

Keep the fun in your life and share it with others around you!  
There are different strengths of fragrance: they may smell the same but some last longer than others and some should be worn more often.
Perfume or Parfum is the most concentrated: it has more essential oils and less alcohol and so it lasts longer. 
Eau De Toilette (EDT) is a little less concentrated than Perfume or Perfum and is the most popular. 
Cologne is used to describe a fragrance that contains a citrus, light, cool, crisp scent and is lighter than Perfume and Eau De Toilette.
After Shave (AS) is lighter than cologne for men and is used to cool and smooth the skin after shaving.
After Shave Balm is an emulsion-type of lotion to provide scent and moisture to the skin after shaving.

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