Choosing A Professional Dance Pole For Pole Dancing

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If you are choosing a dance pole for the first time we would recommend you take time to choose carefully. There are novelty poles available on the market, but these are not always suitable to actually hold body weight.

We would always recommend a professional exercise pole for pole dancing. Some claim to be professional yet these could not be used to teach students to pole dance due to their structure. Choose one that enable you to perform and spins, body inverts, climbs, same as you would be able to access in a gym or lap dancing club. Ensure that the pole is smooth and that you can use the whole of the pole for pole dancing.

There are several types on the market for home use, a static pole, as in this does not move or turn when in use, or a spinning pole, it does what it says it spins. The tube can either come in one length custom made to fit your room or in several pieces which will require assembly.

The dance pole can be made from metal material ranging from stainless steel to brass, chrome plated and titanium plated. It can be fixed to the floor and ceiling so it is permanent or it can be easily removed with removable fixtures and fittings.

Tube widths can range from 45mm up to 50.8mm. The competition standard for a dance pole is 2 inch diameter or 50.8mm. Personal choice plays a major part in the type and width you choose.

Types of pole include:

This standard fitting pole can be cut to the specific measurement of your choice. The tube can then be attached to your ceiling (under a secure ceiling joist or concrete ceiling) using matching flanges (these are brackets which have proven to be the most suitable form of fixing for your permanent dance pole). These fixings are attached to the ceiling joist with fixing screws. The tube can be kept in place with a grub screw within the bracket to prevent the pole from moving during exercise.

Semi-permanent /Removable –
this removable type of pole is a very popular choice because it is so versatile. It can be supplied as a made to measure one piece pole or as an adjustable height pole. These are easily erected or removed. The height adjustable pole is perfect for using in different locations within your home or even ideal for travel. If you wish to move your pole it can be ordered to be delivered in several pieces which connect easily together.

The kit is easily fitted and installed against your ceiling by using pressure fitting and tension, which can be as secure as having a permanent dance pole but without any permanent fixings. It also will not cause damage caused by drilling holes, although you can choose to secure the brackets to the ceiling. Some kits come with suitable fittings that can be secured, some are cleverly disguised as a plant hook or even a smoke alarm.

The tension is sometimes created by an adjustable foot which slots inside the bottom of your pole and a ceiling plate which your the upper part of the tube slots into and lays flush against the ceiling. On other kits the tension is obtained by tightening a nut or screw, each guided by the manufacturers instructions. These are suitable for most permanent floor surfaces. To remove these type of poles, all you have to do is release the tension. A travel bag can be purchased to carry portable poles. These are simple and easy to install.

this differs from the other types as it does not fit from floor to ceiling. These particular dance poles come complete with a podium style stage base in which the metal tube is normally fixed. This is a sturdy pole suitable for all dance moves and is usually found in dance halls, lap dancing clubs, classes and exhibitions. These are suitable when the ceiling is not low enough or not supportive enough to obtain sufficient tension. The bases are available in a range of designs and can be purchased for home use.

Isn't She Pretty Lingerie are the suppliers of Pole Delights exercise fitness dance poles. These are one piece custom made Removable and Permanent pole dancing kits. Ours are used by teachers of pole dance and are ahave been supplied to gentlemans clubs. For more information you can view our dance poles in our shop. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are struggling to learn to pole dance you could choose an instructional pole dancing DVD to assist you. Isn't She Pretty have a large selection for you to choose from. You can also purchase some hand grip such as Gorilla Gold or Mighty Grip to help get a better grip when pole dancing. 

Happy pole dancing!!

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