Choosing & Buying Artificial Wedding Flowers

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Factors to consider before purchasing

Flowers play a very important part of every wedding, so its vital that you take time to choose carefully & to be 100% happy with your choice.

Flower colours will reflect the overall design or theme of your wedding- so should be chosen with care.When making your decision remember to think about the colour scheme as a whole.

The bridal bouquet normally matches the bridesmaid's dresses, to give a good contrast & vice versa.

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers there are no hard & fast rules to follow, what is important is that your choice reflects your personality & style, whilst complementing & coordinating with the other important elements of the day.

Most florists can offer the benefit of their experience & knowledge, whilst being receptive to your ideas & can offer inspiration & guidance.

Why artificial flowers?

Because unlike fresh flowers they will not wilt or drop petals, they are easy to transport & will arrive in perfect condition, ready to use.

They are particularly popular for allergy & hay fever sufferers.

Ideal if you are getting married abroad, where finding a local florist & fresh flowers would be difficult.

You can choose your favourite type of flower & colour even if they are not in season & nowadays they look very realistic.

There are so many extra accessories that can be added too.

Finally they are a long lasting reminder of your special day.

Choosing the right flowers for your dress

The choice of your bouquet really depends of the style of your dress & your shape, height etc, you need to get a sense of balance between the two.

Importantly, the size of the bouquet should be in proportion to the bride.Too big a bouquet will overshadow you & detract from the main star of the day...You!

A long trailing bouquet draws the eye from top to bottom & therefore has a slimming effect, it best complements a full length dress & can result in an unbalanced look on a shorter length dress, also it would overshadow a petite bride.

A posy style bouquet draws attention to the middle of your body, not really suitable if you don't want attention drawn in that direction or if you are very tall.

Generally this style works best for most people & with a shorter length dress.

An overarm bouquet is suitable if you have a dress with very elaborate beading or detail on the front panels, which you wish to show, as it is carried in the crook of your arm.

For bridesmaids, anything goes really, there are so many different styles & ideas, especially as bridesmaids come in all shapes & sizes.

Be aware that when deciding on flowers for small children, that they will probably get bored after a while & that whatever they are carrying wont be carried for long & may end up being dropped or thrown!


The bouquet is held just below the waist level, the correct way up... & just feel relaxed with it.

A good tip for colour matching, use the paint charts found in large DIY stores, match this to your fabric & post to your florist, it really does help!

Once your flowers are purchased, keep them in a cool, dry place, in their original packaging until the day.

This is the most special day of your life, but it can also be the most stressful......

So take your time in choosing & feel confidant with your florist, keep good communications & don't be afraid to change your mind.

Good Luck & Best wishes,


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