Choosing Oak Furniture, Sleeper Beam Oak furniture

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Oak furniture has been sought after throughout the centuries for its warm colour and its fantastic woodworking qualities. Oak has stayed the number one choice for the consumer because of these very reasons, and more! Oak handles daily use very well and can be worked reasonably easily into a large variety of pieces which can be placed throughout the home to give a wonderfully warm, uniform and welcoming household. The tannin within the Oak makes the Oak resistant to fungi and creepy crawlies, which means Oak can be used for either indoor or outdoor furniture. Attributes like these make Oak a wood which can last a lifetime and even be passed on to the following generations. When investing in a piece of Oak furniture you are buying a hardwood which would put any piece of softwood, like pine, to shame. The colour of Oak means that even when it comes time to redecorate the subtle shades of Oak will fit into even the most outlandish new decors, and will even stay the focal point within a newly decorated room! There is no escaping the look of quality Oak furniture.

Ive said enough on why to choose Oak, so what next? 'What piece of Oak furniture should I buy'? My top tip is to stay with the mantra KEEP IT SIMPLE! Simple pieces can be moved into different rooms and gel with interior design changes. Another suggestion is going for pieces which actually have Oak in them. In a bid to cut costs I see it time and time again furniture manufacturers skimping out on the height, depth and width of pieces in the hope of wood cost saving, be aware of furniture dimensions as they can have a HUGE effect on the overall look of the furniture. For this reason I use Oak beams which are 14cm in height by 24cm in width and length variable upon the piece of furniture. More than adequate I think you'll agree. Within my Ebay Store, ChunkyOak Visit My Store I have a widening selection of handmade furniture, please feel free to have a look and hopefully fall in love with one of my pieces.

Hope some of this helps you choose a quality piece of furniture!

Happy Ebaying!

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