Choosing Pet-Friendly Holiday Accommodations in Scotland

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Choosing Pet-Friendly Holiday Accommodations in Scotland

Known for its beautiful, brooding vistas and legendary golf courses, the country of Scotland offers holiday goers the opportunity to hike its many hills or relax with a drink while overlooking one of its many lochs. When visiting Scotland, a wide variety of lodging is available, including cottages, cabins, apartments, bungalows, bed and breakfast inns, caravans, and more. If those going on holiday want to bring their pets along, the good news is that many holiday accommodations in Scotland are pet friendly. Those vacationers should check the listings of the locations they want to travel to and look for establishments that call themselves pet friendly. If information is not clear, they can ask owners for more information.

In addition to finding pet-friendly locations, travellers with pets need to find accommodations that meet their holiday needs, such as the size of the accommodations, how long the accommodations are needed, and any fees associated with bringing pets along on the holiday. Shoppers can find pet-friendly accommodations for holidays in Scotland through local travel agencies or online on travel sites or aggregator sites like eBay.

Types of Pet-Friendly Holiday Accommodations in Scotland

When searching for pet-friendly accommodations in Scotland, travellers first have to decide what types of housing they want. The following table details some of the different accommodation types.

Accommodation Type


Bed and Breakfast

Small in size

Offers accommodations and breakfast

Typically does not offer other meals

Some also offer self catering


Small, trailer-like accommodations

Most need connection to outside utilities

Most often found in parks designed for their use


Small, cosy, rustic houses

Typically one story, although some have an upper floor

Most offer self catering


Offers the convenience of an apartment-type setting

Self catering

Year-round availability in many cases


Provides lodging on a short-term basis

Most often only offers a bed and bathroom

Some offer self catering


Owned by many owners who each share the accommodations with other owners throughout the year, usually for a week at a time


Similar to a cottage, but more luxurious in their amenities

Higher quality accommodations when compared to other types

Vacation goers should also consider the number of people they plan on bringing with them. They must also make sure that the locations can meet their needs comfortably, based on the number of people going on the holiday.

Holiday Types

In addition to accommodation types, travellers also need to think of how long they need to stay. Holiday lengths usually run from a long weekend to a few weeks. The table below lists holiday package types that are commonly available, from a short stay to a longer visit.

Holiday Type


Package Holiday

Usually covers a week to two weeks of travel

Generally bundled with other vacation activities, such as tours and other sightseeing

Short Break

These holidays typically last anywhere from three days to a week

Most likely only include the actual accommodations and nothing else

The price paid for accommodations depends largely on the season. This is true no matter where travellers choose to vacation. Shoppers can find less expensive accommodations if they book holidays during the off-season for a particular area.

Time of Year

The time of year can play a part in both availability and price of a location, with rentals in the off-season generally offered to vacationers at discounted prices. Another benefit of travelling in the off-season is the fact that accommodations have a greater chance of availability, as people with children usually restrict their holidays to the summer months, known as the peak season, when their kids are out of school. Those without children may want to consider visiting Scotland in the off-season to find better accommodation availability and lower prices.

For holiday goers with pets, they may find that travelling with pets is also easier in the off-season since everything from housing to parks to activities tends to be less crowded. Smaller crowds can be a benefit when dealing with both pets and children, as well.

Pet Restrictions

While many locations allow pets, some may still have certain restrictions, ranging from the size of the pet to the number of pets allowed to vacationers having to pay a refundable pet fee. The sections below provide more information on the different restriction types that property owners may impose on those who rent from them.

Pet Friendly with a Number of Pets Restriction

Most locations, while pet friendly, put a limit on the number of pets allowed. This could range from one pet to two or three pets. Travellers should always check with owners if they are planning to bring more than one pet to a pet-friendly location.

Pet Friendly with a Weight Restriction

Another restriction that property owners could put on those who bring pets with them on holiday includes a weight restriction on the pets they are allowed to bring. This usually ranges between 3 kg and 9 kg, although it varies with each property owner. If this requirement is unclear, travellers should ask about the weight requirement before arriving.

Pet Friendly with a Pet Deposit

Some holiday accommodations that allow pets ask for a fee up front to cover any damage a pet might do. Once a renter checks out and the property owner determines that no damage occurred, the owner refunds the fee. This deposit might also be used to cover the cleaning of the room if the pet sheds while at the location.

Travelling with Pets

Holiday goers need to consider how they plan to travel with their pets when travelling to their destinations. If they plan on driving their personal vehicles, then they should encounter no problems. When renting cars, however, they also need to find out the rental company's pet policy. Some rental car companies could have a no-pet policy, and they could charge a steep penalty for those who transport pets in their cars and get caught.

Other Travel Considerations

Before a pet can enter Scotland from another country, they need to have an up-to-date tapeworm treatment and a rabies vaccination. A licensed veterinarian must confirm these requirements have been met and provide a copy of all the necessary paperwork to verify it. The pets should also have microchips installed for additional safety.

Pet owners need to show their pet passports when entering Scotland from outside the United Kingdom. Pets travelling overland should not have to go through compliance checks. Shot verification can take weeks to months, depending on the country of origin, so travellers should take care of this well in advance of travelling. Vacationers who fail to comply with these regulations can have their pets placed in quarantine for up to three months at their expense.

Other Possible Pet Restrictions

When travelling on holiday with pets, vacationers should check any restrictions for places they plan to visit while in the area. This includes area parks and beaches as well as various establishments in nearby towns, cities, and villages. Before going to a restaurant with a pet, for example, a traveller should make sure the restaurant allows pets, or the furry friend could end up tied up outside.

Holiday goers should also check the local laws to see if they need to put their pets on leashes while out and about. A little foresight can save problems later, so they should call ahead and ask pertinent questions or check online.

Finding Scotland Holiday Packages on eBay

If you have decided to purchase your Scotland pet-friendly holiday accommodations online, visit eBay for a variety of package options. To begin searching, enter keywords into the search box on any eBay page. This might include terms like 'Scotland holiday cottage' or 'self catered scottish holiday', for example. After viewing the different results, narrow the choices down even further by clicking on the filter options to display listings that match your criteria. Do not forget to visit eBay's Search Tips page for more advice on searching for Scotland pet-friendly holiday accommodations using keywords. eBay Shops can also provide shoppers with more package options.

Shopping on eBay is quick, secure, and hassle-free. While reading through package listings, take notice of cost and other important terms of sale. You can also ask the seller any other questions you might have by clicking the Ask a Question link on the listing page. Remember to check the seller's feedback rating to see how other shoppers rated him or her.


Going on a holiday in Scotland provides family and friends with a relaxing and refreshing experience when they need to get away for a while. Finding accommodations that allow vacationers to take their pets with them can make the experience that much more enjoyable. As long as those going to Scotland on vacation are aware of any restrictions that locations may put on bringing pets, they should encounter no problems upon arrival at their destinations.

Restrictions may include the number of pets allowed, a maximum weight limit, or a certain deposit amount upon check-in. As long as pet owners clean up after their animals and do not let them damage the facilities, then owners should return the deposits soon after checkout. If a problem occurs, then travellers should contact management or the owners to find a solution. Vacationers should remember to ask any questions they have about a location's pet policy before signing any agreements or before buying holiday packages on eBay or from any other travel source.

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