Choosing Products to Cleanse Your Nails

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Choosing Products to Cleanse Your Nails

Even with manicures, nails do not always stay perfect and nails do not always stay clean, especially with all the action fingernails get performing daily activities. Even constant manicures can tarnish nails and discolour them, especially when wearing acrylics over natural nails. Many products exist to make sure nails stay clean and sanitary. Choose the one right for you based on your personal habits, your nails' usual state, and your skin sensitivities.


Cuticle Oils and Creams

Some people have perfect cuticles that stay clean and unnoticed no matter what they do. Others are not as lucky. If your cuticles seem unhealthy, use cuticle oils and creams to keep them smooth and clean at all times. Rub the oil or cream into your cuticles with just one finger each night and allow it to set while you sleep. While your professional manicurists often uses cuticle products, you do not get a professional manicure each day and a daily dose of a small dot of cream or oil goes a long way toward keeping the overall nail clean.


Nail Mitts

If you want your nails clean and your polish off quickly without having to do much work, then nail mitts are the way to go. Try a Stripper-to-Go nail mitt pair that slips on the hand and slips off the polish with a lavender scented polish remover that removes the polish off all 10 nails in a matter of minutes. As an added bonus, many nail mitts offer lotions that soften the hands, with some offering an aloe vera version that leaves skin clean and soft, with clean and strong nails.


Nail Brushes and Buffers

If your nails often turn yellow from too much dark polish, leave them polish-free for a few weeks and brush and buff them every few days. The brush removes dirt and residue from the nails, while the buffer removes dead nail cells, which are often where you see all that unattractive yellow.


Anti-Fungal Products

Acrylic nails left on for months at a time often promote fungal growth between the real nail and the acrylic. Using an anti-fungal product before applying the acrylic powder or nail helps prevent fungus. In addition, if nails already have fungus, it helps fight it. Use Nail Tek Anti-Fungal on both the finger and toe nails. Although toes do not get acrylics, the feet do see a lot of bacteria and germs, so keep them clean with this essential product.


Acetone Polish Remover

While non-acetone polish remover is the most popular kind for amateur use, professional nail technicians use acetone remover, as the acetone works fast and gets more polish off than the non-acetone type. Choose this type for home use if your polish seems to remain no matter how much you rub and rub. However, do not use acetone remover on sensitive skin, as it can cause a burning sensation.

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