Choosing Your New Toilet Seat

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To help you choose your new toilet seat we have put together the following hints and tips :

1. Before you buy

  • Check to see whether you have a standard oval bowl pan.  Most domestic toilets use a oval pan but it is best to make sure.
  • Measure the height and width of your current toilet seat and use these as guides when looking for your new seat.
  • Check what type of hinges your current toilet seat has.  Do you want the same style of hinge on your new seat or something different.
  • If you want a straight replacement for your existing toilet seat make a note of any make or model names or look to see if their is a model number.  This way you can ensure you are getting the same seat.

2. Installing your new toilet seat

Once you have chosen your new toilet seat you'll want to fit it according to the manufacturers instructions, using the screws and accessories provided.  To help you in this task we have compiled the following tips :

  • Ensure the toilet pan is clean.  If not, clean thoroughly.  This will make the job of installing the toilet seat safer and more hygenic.
  • Remove any build up of dirt or limescale which may stop the new toilet seat from laying on top of the pan properly.
  • Test all the screws and hinges before beginning to secure the toilet seat to ensure you know how the parts go together.
  • Do not over-tighten screws or force parts to go together.  Your new toilet seat should be easy to assemble, if something doesn't fit or look right it is probably in the wrong place.
  • Avoid putting any unneccessary wait on the toilet seat whilst you are securing it in position.
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