Choosing a Family Friendly Holiday Cottage in Yorkshire

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Choosing a Family Friendly Holiday Cottage in Yorkshire

People are always looking for exciting new vacation spots, and they may want to consider a holiday cottage getaway. Holiday cottages are popular in many parts of the U.K., including Yorkshire. There are a variety of reasons vacationers may want to consider choosing a holiday college instead of a hotel room, including the privacy and comfort offered by a cottage. Location is another important consideration when selecting a cottage, including what region to vacation in and what kind of attractions the vacationer would like to be near. One should also think about what time of year he or she wants to go on vacation. It most likely will be less expensive to go on vacation during the off season, for example. The vacationer should also consider the type of cottage that would best fit his or her needs. When selecting a cottage, it is a good idea to consider a variety of factors, including the size of the cottage and the type of decor.

Taking these factors into consideration should help one find the perfect holiday cottage for a wonderful family vacation. Holiday cottages can be booked through local travel agents, or vacationers can search the Web for vacation deals, including on the website eBay. 

Why Choose Cottages

When looking for a vacation spot, individuals can choose between cottages and hotel rooms. Many individuals are considering cottages to be an excellent alternative to hotel rooms because cottages provide a number of benefits. For instance, cottages offer more privacy and isolation than a hotel does. Additionally, many cottages are located in quiet surroundings in the country while a lot of hotels tend to be in noisier or more urban areas. Cottages are kind of like small houses, so vacationers may feel more at home in them, particularly if the vacationers are families with small children. Cottages also provide a unique experience and are a great choice for someone who wants a relaxing holiday without the hustle or bustle of a hotel.


When searching for a holiday cottage, one should consider the location. Yorkshire is a great choice for a holiday getaway for a number of reasons. It is a great place for a family to get away and enjoy nature with stunning sights nearby, including Filey Beach, Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, Aysgarth Falls, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In addition to popular attractions, a vacationer might want to see if there are also other activities he or she can enjoy, such as hiking, rafting, or similar sports.  Additionally, there are a lot of indoor and cultural activities that visitors can enjoy, including Rievaulx Abbey, Ripon Cathedral, National Coal Mining Museum, Kelham Island Museum, and the Hull and East Riding Museum.

In addition to choosing the location of the cottage in a particular area, it is also important to consider the location of the cottage in relation to the different attractions the vacationer is going to be visiting. One may think it may be romantic to rent a vacation cottage that is in the middle of nowhere, but it may not be as desirable as it seems. With a cottage in the middle of nowhere, the vacationer has to drive quite a ways to visit museums and other attractions, along with stores and restaurants. If someone enjoys shopping while on vacation, this becomes an even more important factor.

Time of Year

When searching for a vacation cottage, one should also consider the time of year that he or she wants to go on vacation. Many vacation cottages are more expensive during popular vacation times, such as Christmas, Easter, bank holidays, or during summer vacation. Thus, someone might want to rent during the off season if he or she wants a discount on a cottage. Although Yorkshire is a great place to vacation any time of the year, the vacationer should also think about what time of year is best for the kind of attractions he or she is interested in visiting. For example, one who wants to tour the area's gardens should probably visit in the late spring or in the summer.

Consider the Amenities

It is also possible to find different types of cottages that suit whatever needs one has. Whenever someone is looking for a holiday cottage, it is a good idea to consider some of the amenities that these different places offer. For example, most of these cottages do not have air conditioning. Some other factors to consider include the size of the cottage and the decor. It is a good idea for a vacationer to figure out what he or she thinks the most important amenities are because it might be prohibitively expensive to get a vacationer's dream holiday cottage.

Air Conditioning

Basically, cottages do not usually have air conditioning. This may be of some concern to those who plan on taking a cottage vacation during the summer. However, this is not necessarily a problem for everyone. England tends to have a rather cool climate, even during the summer. Thus, a vacationer can still enjoy one of these beautiful cottages during the summer as long as they do not require the interior temperature to be extremely cool.


The size of the cottage is an important consideration for vacationers, especially if there are quite a few people in the party. One should consider both the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the square metres of the cottage. A small cottage tends to be less expensive, but the vacationer also wants to feel comfortable during his or her holiday. Large cottages are an excellent idea for parents and a bunch of kids or an extended family who wants to spend some time together. 


Although decor may not be as important as some of the other amenities, it is still something to consider. Cottages come with a wide variety of decor, so one should be able to find something that suits his or her tastes. For instance, a vacationer may want to find something in a traditional style to feel more at home in a country cottage. However, it is also easy to find contemporary styles and a range of other decor. Many of the owners of the cottages provide pictures so the vacationer can see if the decor is to his or her liking.

Rating System

Vacationers may also be happy to know that cottages in England have a rating system just like hotels do. The Tourism Council has a rating system where they assign stars, depending on a variety of factors, including where the cottage is located, what amenities it has, and the quality of the cottage. If someone is interested in staying in a cottage that does not have a rating, he or she can still rely on recommendations from other guests who have stayed in a particular cottage. Reviewing recommendations from others can help one find a cottage that is perfect for his or her needs. 

Finding Holiday Cottages on eBay

Holiday cottages are a very popular vacation option in the United Kingdom, and you should check out eBay if you are looking for a vacation rental. One of the first things to do is use the search feature on eBay. All you need to do is type keywords, such as 'holiday cottage Yorkshire' into the search box. It is possible to narrow the search by selecting different categories and filters after that.

You may also want to check out some other eBay features that can help you find the perfect holiday cottage for your needs. For instance, consider the feature to contact the seller, which is located on the product listing page. It lets you directly contact the seller and ask any questions you may have about a cottage. You should also consider the feedback feature that lets other buyers leave feedback after they have made a purchase. It is a good idea to get recommendations about a specific cottage, as well, and after you have used a place, you can leave feedback of your own to help future vacationers.


Holiday cottages can be an excellent alternative to hotels or other vacation housing, and Yorkshire is a beautiful place to visit for a holiday. Holiday cottages have a number of advantages over hotels, which is why they are the choice of many vacationers who want a relaxing break in the countryside. Location is another important consideration when someone is looking for a holiday cottage. It is a good idea to look for one that is near the attractions the vacationers may want to visit in addition to being near shops and restaurants. It is also a good idea for the vacationer to consider some of the amenities that he or she wants in a holiday cottage, including the size and decor inside the interior.

A vacationer should probably try to find some kind of rating for a cottage or at least recommendations from other people who have stayed there. Doing some research can help one find a holiday cottage that is perfect for his or her needs, and both travel agents and sites like eBay can offer possibilities, as well.

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