Choosing a Hair Straightener

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The more expensive hair straighteners generally have better features and heat up more quickly than the cheaper hair straighteners.  The most common problem encounbtered with ceramic hair straighteners and other hair irons is that the hair iron is not hot enough to straighten hard to manage hair. 

Choose carefully as not all hair irons are the same!  We recommend that the highter temperature straighteners (170 degrees and above) product the best results.

High temperature results in less hair stress and faster styling.  Straighteners with smaller width plates are perfect for straightening, flipping and twisting hiar such as the Revolutionary ST8 Hair Irons.

A ceramic heating element ensure almost instant heat.  Most hair straigtheners can take from 10 seconds to 90 + secons to heat up.

The majority of hair straighteners that are on sale can be used in the UK.  With the revolutionary ST8 Hair Irons these can be used not only in the UK but also in other European countries, as they have the revolutionary ST8 euro plug which converts from a UK plug to a standard European plug without the mess or hassle of convertors, which is ideal for business trips or simply for holidays.

Useful Facts About Hair Straighteners

Ceramic hair straighteners protect the hair using heat to lock in moisture and natural oils, creating smooth polished effect with added natural shine.

Most ceramic straighteners have alloy plates that are coated with a layer of ceramic.  The alloy plates actually conduct the heat.  A ceramic coating is used because it dissipates heat well over the surface of the plates and is also extremely smooth and hard wearing.  Ceramic coatings on plates can be either dipped, painted or baked.  Tourmaline coated ceramic plates are by far the best. 

How long will a Hair Straightener last for?

The answer is approximately 12-18 months with average use.  Hair Straighteners  generate intese heat which eventually affects the ceramic coating on plates and heating elements eventually burn out.  Nothing last forever unfortunately!!

Our Recommended Hair Straighteners - Best Selling and Most Cost Effective.

The ST8 hair straightener is a fully features ceramic hair straightener.  It is designed for salon use and is much cheaper than similar features GHD's.  The ST8 has proved extremely popular and continues to be one of the best selling hair irons yet.

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