Choosing a Perfume

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As a seasoned Ebayer and seller of perfume, I thought it would be helpful to write a guide to help you select the fragrance to suit your style and personality! Due to the vast array of perfumes available, it can be somewhat bewildering particularly when you go into a department store. First of all you are faced with the perfume houses that market the fragrances. Their displays are spaced apart and therefore similar fragrances containing similar notes may not be side by side. This obviously makes it difficult to compare fragrances. I'm not sure what you are like, but I go into a department store and before I know it I've got half a dozen different fragrances on the back of my hands and wrists and couldn't tell you which perfume is which!!

Choosing a Fragrance

There are no hard and fast rules to selecting perfume but there are severals theories as to choosing the perfect scent. One theory is that your skin and hair colouring determines the scope of fragrances that you can choose from. For example,  a blonde woman should choose lighter, citrus or floral fragrances whilst dark-haired women should go for heavy chypres and orientals. Red heads though are an exception and their skin is more acidic and thus alters a perfume's aroma. It is the differences between the acidity in our skins which makes one fragrance smell completely different from one person to another though other factors also influence this such as diet, hormones and your natural smell. In the end though it ultimately comes down to what we ourselves perceive to suit us - whether it does or it doesn't!!! Follow the rules below and find your perfect scent and discover how to wear it:-

  • Never select a fragrance just because it smells good on someone else - your skin acidity may be different and thus it won't smell the same on you!
  • Never smell the fragrance directly from the bottle. All you will smell will be the top notes and the alcohol. Also your skin is the final ingredient and therefore how it ultimately smells, again is determined by your skins acidity.
  • Never make a decision in the first minute. Perfumes evaporate at different rates especially in the first 10 minutes, so you may love the top notes, but once they have evaporated it's the base notes that linger for the rest of the day. It can take up to an hour for the final fragrance to develop
  • Eau de Toilettes tend to have more top notes than Eau de Parfums. So parfums not only have more oils but also may have different ingredients highlighted in them than an EDT
  • Don't let others opinions put you off. What someone else considers to be awful, might just be perfect for you!!

How to wear your scent

  • Less is definitely more. You should aim to leave a lingering fragrance, not let the fragrance enter the room before you do!! Remember the more your wear a fragrance the less you can smell it, whilst to those around you it can still smell quite strong.
  • Less is also sexier, imagine how alluring it is for someone of the opposite sex to just catch a brief whiff of your fragrance as you walk past or lean closer to listen to what you are saying. The French call this "Sillage" which describes the faint trail of scent a woman leaves behind.
  • Traditionally we dab or spray perfume on our pulse points, i.e. wrists behind ears and inside elbows but it can be worn between the breasts or behind the knees - a great way of creating "Sillage". Some women advocate spraying their favourite fragrance into the air and walking into it which gives a light diffused all-over scent - though Coco Chanel's advice was to place perfume where ever you wish to be kissed!!

Well I hope my little guide helps in your quest to find the perfect perfume!! Visit my Ebay shop to find a great selection of genuine 100% authentic fragrances supplied by some of the UK's leading distributors!! I offer a moneyback guarantee because I am so confident in the products I sell. I cannot stress highly enough for buyers to beware of cheap perfumes - I know how much they cost at wholesale and some of the prices I see are so ridiculously cheap, it makes you wonder....!!

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