Choosing a Photo Album

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Welcome to my guide on what types of photograph albums that are available in my ebay shop.  I have been selling photo albums on ebay for almost 3 years, the first year was part-time and the rest has been full time and has now turned into a business for me. The demand for photo albums has grown as retail shops no longer sell such a large selection since the birth of digital photography.  But I am finding from my customers that they still like to flick through a photo album that can be passed around instead of huddling around the computer.

I have devised this guide to help in your choice of photo album.

Traditional - This is an album that would have plain pages for you to insert photos of any size.  Normally come with tissue interleave pages to help protect the photos.  Photos would need to be glued in place.  Occassionally there is a choice of either Bookbound - which is where the album is put togther just like a book with a set number of pages or Post Bound - which is where pages can be removed by undoing a few screws hiding in the spine.

Self Adhesive - This is where the album has pages that have had glue added to them and you would peel back a clear protective sheet, place your photos onto the page then replace the clear sheet.

Slip - In - This type of album is produced with pages that have clear pockets and you literally slip the photos into them.

I do hope this guide is of help to you, if you need more information please dont hesitate in contacting me through my ebay shop. kaysomethingspecial

Self Adhesive Album

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