Choosing a Spray Tan Solution

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When looking at what solution you wish to use for either personal use or for your business its vital to understand that not all tan solutions are the same.

Cheap products often contain poor quality DHA from China, and use cheap bulk materials as a carrier such as Alcohol. A lot of people choose tan solution from trial and error, but it is the errors that cost you greatly.

The first thing to look at with your solution is not the cost, its the ingrediants. Look for products that are Alochol free as Alcohol irritates the skin. Oils can clog the skin and not an ideal carrier for DHA. Perfume or any fragrance in a solution can also irritate the skin, so where possible avoid this, although there is a market for fragranced solutions. Check your preservatives ~ Whilst Parabens are a big no no at the minute they are actually one of the safest preservatives on the market. The alternatives can be far worse, including DMDM Hydantoin which is a chemical that slowly releases formaldehyde a substance banned in many cosmetics.

The amount of ingrediants is always key, anything with 15 ingrediants or less is often a great solution.

Ask your supplier where the DHA is from. Italy, France & Switzerland produce the finest top quality DHA available.

Ensure you only buy fresh solution. Tan solution has a short shelf life of 6-12 months. Good companies make fresh batches weekly.

Tan solutions need to also be kept in tempreture controlled warehouses and when it reaches you the best place for them is in a dark cold cupboard or the fridge.

DHA also ranges from 6% right through to 18% in a lot of tan ranges. Start yourself off with a 10% solution as this suits pretty much every one to begin with.

If you have any questions about our tanning ranges or you want advice on the best range for you then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Kate Camilleri

The Spray Tan Shop

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