Choosing a bike for a child

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Choosing a bike

Choosing a bike for a child isn't as easy as picking one up because it's disney Mickey Mouse, Ben 10, Dora etc. All bikes come different sizes. 10" 12" 14" 16" etc. So how do You know what size bike You need for your child you might ask. Well a child must be able to reach the floor when stopped. The way you determine what bike you need is by having a tape measure handy, measuring the inside of their leg from groin to the floor in inches. That will the determin what size you look for. It's unsafe to buy a bike that's too big for a child and also very uncomfortable to buy one too small. So when choosing a bike always check first. It really doesn't matter if it's maked or not if the bikes too small or too big. eBay have fantastic rage of bike each with a price ranges suitable for your pockets and bank allowance ! They start of cheap, local collection is great if its not far then you can physically take your child to try the bike, just remember to stay safe. Remember when buying a bike safety comes first so a helmet should be bought and warn also check these out on eBay too..., 

Happy cycling. 
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