Choosing a pet bed

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How to choose the right bed for your dog

As a dog owner that has 3 dogs, one large and 2 small, I have gone through many pet beds until I've found the right ones for my dogs. 
   Size is important, not only do you need to make sure the bed is big enough for your dog you don't want a bed that is too big and it takes up un necessary space that could be used in another way.
   Secondly the type of bed, for example my small dogs get very cold in winter and can fit in an igloo bed which keeps them warm, however during the summer they like to be cool so a small plastic bed with a thin blanket in the bottom keeps them right. Plastic beds are useful  if you have a dog that is particularly destructive; my large dog is like this and ripped open countless fluff filled beds which is why she now has a plastic dog bed with a thick blanket in it. Plastic also does not hold onto doggy smells the way fabric does.  Another consideration which may effect your choice is how much heat the dog needs, a long coated dog for example will not need a bed with a thick blanket which could over heat them and they won't take to it in that case, little dogs generally need softer beds that will keep them warmer. There are a few types of pet bed to consider: blankets, cushioned with an edge, a dog cushion (like a small quilt), fluff filled, plastic, igloo and thick mats. 
   The next thing to consider is the material used for the bed. Material ones can easily be put in a washer and dried but plastic ones will need to be washed by hand which only takes a few minutes. 
  Other things such as colour and pattern are completely subjective and down to individual taste. 

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