Choosing the Best Calvin Klein Underwear

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Men's underwear is the foundation of their entire look, primarily because the comfort of the underwear sets the tone for the entire day. Every man has different preferences when it comes to comfort and style, and the line of Calvin Klein underwear has undergarments in different fits, materials, and styles to take care of all those needs.


Calvin Klein Briefs

Calvin Klein briefs are for the minimalist. They fit snugly and have the classic shape of men's underwear with no legs. Briefs provide the maximum amount of support for a man, but some claim they are too tight and restrictive. The brand offers briefs in multiple fabrics and styles, from athletic to traditional, with varying waistline cuts. For example, the Calvin Klein hip briefs sit low on the hips, while the traditional briefs feature a high waistline.


Calvin Klein Boxers

Calvin Klein boxers are the opposite extreme for men's underwear. Rather than providing ample support, boxers hardly offer any support at all. They fit very loosely and look like a pair of shorts. The lightweight materials and loose fit make them more comfortable to wear in the heat and less restrictive, but the lack of support bothers some men and may lead to necessary 'adjustments' throughout the day. When it comes to exercise, boxers are problematic because of the lack of support. Aesthetically, many men and women feel this style of Calvin Klein underwear is the most attractive. Calvin Klein offers boxers in various fits, and some offer a little more support. Slim fit boxers have stretchier materials and lower waistlines, while classic Calvin Klein boxers feature the most relaxed fit and high waistlines.


Calvin Klein Boxer-Briefs

For a middle of the road solution, some men prefer Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. They have the shape of shorts with legs, but they feature high-strength materials that hug the body and offer support. The combined style of the boxers with the support of the briefs make boxer-briefs a first choice for many men. The legs reach the mid-thigh, and the height of the waistline varies. However, some men complain that the legs of the boxer-briefs ride up during the day.


Calvin Klein Trunks

Calvin Klein trunks are just like boxer-briefs, but they have shorter legs that are only 5 cm to 9 cm in length. This minimises the risk of the legs riding up. The materials offered by Calvin Klein range from stretch cotton to athletic materials that wick away moisture and provide a little extra support. Extreme low-rise versions are also available.

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