Choosing the Best Starter Drum Kit for a Beginner

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The Mapex Tornado Starter Kit has been specifically designed as a Durable, Starter Drum Kit. It is easy to see that the market gets flooded with "Cheap" Imitations of Starter Drum Kits, claiming to be a Full Size, Good Quality Kit. See Our Ebay Store for Starter Drum Kit Deals on this kit.

But please be aware of Cheaper Imitations. We are a Specialist Drum and Percussion Store, and we have found that this Mapex Tornado Drum Kit is the Best Value for Money in this Price Bracket. We do not sell Imitation or Toy Drum Kits, this is a "Real, Full Size, Drum Kit" that will Stand the test of time, where as some of the Cheaper Versions Just will not!! Please Just Be Aware When Looking for a "Bargain" Starter Kit, if the price is Too Good to be True!!, it Usually Is!!

The kit set-up in the picture is a Rock Size, This is the most popular size kit .This size determines the actual size of the drums themselves. You can get a Rock size or a Fusion Size. The Rock Size features 12" & 13" Toms which are mounted in front of you and a 16" Floor Tom which stands to the side on legs. Also included is a 14" Snare Drum and 22" Bass Drum.
The Fusion Size comes with 10", 12" Toms, 14" Floor Tom and a 20" Bass Drum. There is also a set of drum sticks in the box.

We are always Here to help. If this is the first kit you have purchased, then don't worry as we know how daunting this can feel. If you have any questions be them small or big, then please call us we are here to help. All our staff are drummers themselves so really can advise you the best way forward. We like to think that we are here to make your life simpler when it comes to buying your drum gear. So instead of trawling around the internet and struggling to find the right thing, we are confident we can help you get what you want first time! Our Telephone Number is: 0114 247 2200 and is available for queries between 9AM - 5PM (Monday - Saturday) and you can email us at all other times in between.

This Starter Kit is a fabulous starter point for most people. There are more Expensive Starter Kits and Cheaper Starter Kits on the Market. We like to think that we have done the trawling around for you and made the research much easier by doing it ourselves. Each Year we look at the Starter Kit Market and compare the Kits for durability, looks, branding, playability and value for money. It is in our best interests to make sure the kit is the best we can find. The Mapex Tornado Kit has by far won the game this year, providing probably one of the best ever starter drum kits for anyone wanting to play the drums. The actual manufacturing and quality of the finalised kit is perfect and we can 100% say that you will not be disapointed with this starter kit. We do of course also offer many other sizes and variations of Drum Kits, so if you want something a little more mid - pro level , or have been playing a while and want something a little more Mid or Pro Range then call us we will have it, just Ask!!

Here are a few things you might want to consider when Choosing to Buy from Us!!
We are one of the UK's biggest Drum Stores, so we know our Stuff!!, You are always guaranteed to get to speak to someone who knows about DRUMS!! We aren't a Call centre or a Sales Hotline for an Internet Site, we have a Bricks and Mortar DRUM STORE with over 2000 Sqft of Showroom as well as an Online Store, so we feel the stuff, play the stuff and try it out as all our staff are Drummers!! We pride ourselves on giving good, sound advice and following that up with good products, good prices and excellent service!! It's True the little things are important, Things like offering our Build & Tune Service, accepting Trade In's, Service & Repairs, Laying Away your stuff with a Deposit, Letting you Finance Items and making you a cuppa if you call in and are lucky enough to have timed it as the kettle is going on!!

Hardware included with this kit

    Cymbal stand
    Boom Stand (Part Of The Upgrade)
    Hi Hat Stand
    Snare Stand
    Bass Pedal

What do you get in short

First you need to decide on the size of the kit. (see size options on the tabs above.)
You get the 5 shells in the size of your choice.
You get a full set of Tornado hardware listed above.
You get a pair of drum sticks.
You get a set of cymbals

Build & Tune Service at Drum Stop
Build & Tune Service available from Drum Stop For Just £39, you can get your Drum Kit Built & Tuned before it Gets Delivered. Take the hassle out of Buying your Drum Kit. If you are unsure of how to build it, don't have enough time, or it's a present then let us do the hard work for you. Many Drum Kits arrive dis-assembled like Russian Dolls in Boxes. This means that you have to spend time building each drum by placing the heads on and tightening all the lugs up. This has to be done on all of the drums and each drum has two heads. You also then have to spend time tuning the kit before you can play it. By choosing our Build and Tune Service we Build all the Drums up and put on the Drum Heads for you as well as giving it a basic tune up, so you are ready to play when it arrives. All you have to do is then unpack and place the drums together wherever you want to play them and just extend the legs and tighten up the pieces of hardware. Obviously the stands themselves just need opening up and placing where you need them as we can't send built stands by courier as they would just get damaged. Email us or call for more information on 0114 247 2200. Some Kits can't benefit from the Build and Tune, so give us a call or look out for the option in the Products themselves when choosing to Buy the Kit.
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