Choosing the Best Used Audi A4 for Your Teen

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Choosing the Best Used Audi A4 for Your Teen


Purchasing a used vehicle for a teenager is an involved process. Parents have to choose a car that is safe, reliable, in good condition, and within their budgets. An Audi A4 is a vehicle that is likely to meet all the practical requirements of the parents and please the teenager, as well. Most teens care more about the aesthetics of a vehicle than what is under the bonnet, but, fortunately, the A4 is definitely pleasing to the eye while still providing many quality features.

Inspect the Audi A4 Body

The first and easiest thing to inspect on the Audi A4 is the body. Not only does exterior damage lower the value of a used vehicle, but it also indicates the previous driver was rough on the vehicle, and that could mean increased wear and tear in other areas. Look for scratches, dents, and other signs of damage. Spots with body filler or miss-matched body panels could indicate the vehicle was in an accident.


Inspect the Tyres

Believe it or not, the condition of the tyres tells a prospective buyer a lot. First, find out how many kilometres are on the odometer. An Audi with less than 32,000 kilometres on it should still have the original tyres. If not, it is possible the previous driver was prone to skidding to stop, taking corners too hard, and accelerating too fast. Aggressive drivers wear down their tyres much faster than calm drivers. The cost of new tyres is also another factor to consider when purchasing because it adds to the overall price of the car.


Inspect the Interior

The interior of the used car indicates whether or not the former owner took care of the Audi A4. Pay attention to the smell inside the cabin. It should be free of smoke or other unusual smells. Keep in mind that any odours inside the car are likely to get much worse in hot weather. Musty odours could indicate the car has leaks or the owner frequently spilled liquids. Look at the seats for stains. Depending on the year of the vehicle, the fabric should not look too worn or have tears and patches. For older vehicles that reasonably exhibit more damage, new seat covers are an easy remedy for this problem.

Inspect the Engine

The Audi A4 must be in good, functioning condition. Drive the vehicle around for a while and listen for any odd sounds coming from the engine. Check the brakes and all the lights while doing this. Look at all the hoses and belts to see if there are any signs of wear and check the fluid levels. A good owner always maintains a car, and low fluids are one of the most common signs of neglect.

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