Choosing the Right Bathroom Suite

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It's always a good time of year to start thinking about those all important home and garden renovations. A popular starting point is the bathroom and can easily be transformed with a new bathroom suite. The bathroom is the singular most used room of any household and can often be viewed as a reflection of beauty and inspiration conceived by the home proprietor. Having a bathroom which is comfortable and pleasant to use can leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters.

The task of choosing and acquiring a new bathroom suite as separate components can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be this way. An alternative solution is to purchase a complete bathroom suite, reducing the complexities of coordinating style, colour and size. This also ensures that all fittings will compliment each other and exist in transparent harmony.

A wide range of bathroom suites can be found on the market to suit all budgets and styles. Traditionally, a bathroom suite consists of a wash basin, toilet, bath and a wide variety of optional extras such as vanity cabinets and mirrors. Shower enclosures can also be added to your bathroom suite either as a substitute for, or in addition to, a bath. Other popular additions to the traditional bathroom suite include bidets and dual wash basins for simultaneous use of your bathroom.

With many different styles available from traditional, contemporary to modern or eclectic, you're almost guaranteed to find the perfect bathroom suite to fit the taste and style of your home.

There is a lot of personal choice involved when selecting your bathroom suite. The material of your bath can be either acrylic or steel, with corner, roll top, double ended, free standing, whirlpool or deep bath styles. You can even consider a walk-in style bath for those who have difficulty entering or exiting a bath. The general style of your bathroom will normally dictate what type of bath you will choose, for example a free standing bath would generally suit a traditional bathroom but may not be as aesthetically pleasing in a contemporary bathroom environment. There are also many different types of wash basins, the most popular styles being wall hung, countertop, vanity basins and corner basins. The same can be said for your choice of toilet, with wall hung, corner and back-to-wall toilets available.

The size of each component in your bathroom suite can vary greatly so you need to evaluate how your bathroom suite will fit in the space you have available and where exactly each component will be placed.

There are complete bathroom suites to suit every budget, requirement and personal preference. Choosing the right bathroom suite will enhance your whole bathroom experience and leave anyone who uses your bathroom with a unique incite into your own personal vision of comfort and beauty.

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