Choosing the Right Gloves

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The extensive range of technical, trade specific Ironclad gloves are made from high quality, high-tech materials. They cover a variety of uses; see below on the descriptions of the different types of glove to check which glove best suits your needs.
All Ironclad gloves are completely machine-washable and drip dry.
Importance of Hand Protection
Hands are the most important tools of any tradesman – so protect them!
The importance of comfort, durability and dexterity cannot be underestimated in how performance gloves will help tradesmen to do their job more efficiently and safely.
Gloves should be worn wherever accidental damage may occur to your hands. Therefore as well as tradesmen, farmers and forestry workers needing protection, it is important to remember the potential hazards and injuries that may happen outside of the working environment, which may also require protection for the hands. This would include anyone participating in leisure activities including motocross, cycling, fishing and gardening for example.
Check the descriptions below for suitable applications recommended for the different styles of glove along with their job specific features; many incorporate a terry cloth sweat wipe.
Ironclad Gloves & Their Uses
All ironclad gloves are graded on an abrasion scale:
  • L - Light Resistant
  • M - Medium Resistant
  • H - Heavy Resistant
  • E – Extreme

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Heavy Utility™ - High Resistance Glove
This is the best selling glove in the Ironclad range; it's tough, comfortable and durable.
Special features include double stitched Duraclad® which is a high abrasion resistant material used for palm reinforcements, a one piece synthetic leather palm and Armorflex finger sidewalls.
Armorflex combines flexibility and stretch and also has a high abrasion resistance, making this one tough glove that's a firm favourite.Suitable for use in construction work, hand and power tool use, landscaping and much, much more.
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General Utility™ - Medium Resistance Glove
One of the first designs made for everyday tasks. Features include double stitched synthetic leather palm pads, padded inner palm, knuckle protection plus a cloth sweat wipe.
These gloves are also available in a reflective safety orange and a marine woodland digital camouflage design. Suitable for use in construction, hand and power tool use and equipment operation.
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Gripworx™ - Medium Resistance Glove
Specially designed for a non-slip grip and featuring super tacky Diamondclad™ palm and fingertips which provides a super tacky grip; great for smooth surface handling such as plastic, glass, metal and cardboard.
They have the added benefit of a synthetic leather palm and Airprene knuckle protection. Airprene is a material that provides impact protection, support and is breathable; thus providing a cool and comfortable fit.
Suitable for warehouse and parcel delivery, gardening, construction, hand and power tool use, as well as a great choice for motorbike sports such as motocross. Available in a choice of colours, this is a medium resistant glove.
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Framer™ - High Resistance Glove
As the name suggests this is the perfect glove for all framers and provides agility and protection. With framers in mind they have a short-3™ design which means the material on the thumb and two fingers is "cut off" leaving these free to pick up small objects such as nails.
Also included are double stitched Duraclad® palm pads and reinforcements, a one-piece synthetic leather palm and Armoflex™ finger sidewalls. Duraclad® and Armorflex™ are used in gloves that require the highest abrasion resistance possible.
As well as framers these gloves are also suitable for carpentry, construction and hand and power tool use.
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Ranchworx® - High Resistance Glove
This heavy-duty glove is made from genuine Bullwhip™ Leather, Which is an extremely tough, yet comfortable glove.
As with all Ironclad gloves they are completely washable, shrink-resistant and will not stretch or go hard even after washing. The many features include a 4 x 4 vented knuckle protection and Dupont™ Kevlar® reinforced saddle and thumb.
This material is known for its qualities for strength and was initially developed for bullet-proof vests. This material also has the benefit of being heat and puncture-resistant.
They have a Double leather Rolltop™ fingertips and this design provides seamless fingertips for further comfort and added protection. Not forgetting the rugged Armorflex™ finger sidewalls for added high abrasion resistance.
These gloves are suitable for forestry, plumbing, heating and ventilation work and when using heavy equipment.
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Workcrew® - Light Resistance Glove
This light-duty glove is a good all rounder for the "not so tough" jobs. The features include a synthetic leather palm, knuckle protection and a cowboy cuff™ which is easy to put on and take off, they are longer in length and give full wrist protection.

These gloves are suitable for gardening, home DIY, maintenance and workshop duties and can also be used for driving.
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Wrenchworx ®Impact - Medium Resistance Glove
This glove is for use with impact tools as it absorbs impact energy from the palm pads which are filled with 100% silicone gel. Other features include Contour grip™ which has a jointed palm design for extra grip on your tools, plus a Dupont™ Teflon® treatment on the palm which gives a greater grip and makes the glove oil resistant.
These gloves are suitable for use with all impact tools, mechanical use, sanding and grinding jobs and construction.
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Cold Condition® - High Resistance Glove
This glove is for use in cold conditions providing warmth and comfort, it is highly durable and also wind and water-resistant.
Other features include Duraclad® 600 reinforcements which provides greater grip and high abrasion resistance, a Dupont™ Teflon® treated shell and palm for added grip and water and oil resistance.
They have fleece insulation with a Hipora® membrane to keep hands warm and the wind out as well as a Neoprene knuckle impact protection and wrist closures.
Neoprene is a breathable, comfortable material that offers support, flexibility and protection. These gloves are suitable for most jobs that are performed in cold conditions including hand and power tool work, cold storage conditions and fishing.
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Cold Condition® Waterproof - High Resistance Glove
This glove offers a high strength windproof and waterproof membrane that breathes. It offers good dexterity and durability in cold environments.
Features include Duraclad® 600 reinforcements and a Dupont™ Teflon® treated shell which gives greater water repellence. They have a Synthetic leather palm with gorilla grip reinforcements. The gorilla grip is a rubber coating on the leather that provides a greater grip on wet or oily surfaces.
These gloves are suitable for use in winter resorts, cold storage conditions, construction, freight handling and cold weather conditions.
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Mach 5® Impact - Medium Resistance Glove
All the benefits of the Mach 5 with added 100% silicone gel palm pads to absorb energy. These can be used with impact tools when fine dexterity tasks are performed.
The palm has Contour™ grip which is used on all the impact gloves, this ensures a solid, comfortable grip. Suitable for any trade that uses impact tools, mechanics, factory workers and sanding work.

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