Choosing the Right Kitchen Knife For You

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Knife For You

Professionally-trained chefs know that having the right kitchen tools makes cooking more efficient. When choosing a kitchen knife, consider the amount and type of cooking you do. Budding gourmets prefer sets that offer blades for different purposes. Materials, such as stainless steel and ceramic, each have benefits in the kitchen. Look for accessories that make it easier to create tasty meals and keep the knife well maintained and safely stored.


Knives for Chopping

Recipes often require diced, chopped, or minced ingredients. A stainless steel knife works well for chopping onions, carrots, and other large vegetables. Use a smaller version or a specialist vegetable peeler for preparing potatoes. If you only want one knife, look for a model that combines a precision blade with a solid wooden handle that is comfortable to hold. Use a chopping board to protect worktops and tables. Wooden chopping boards are not only useful, they look good when displayed in the kitchen, while plastic chopping boards are easy to clean.


Knives for Slicing and Filleting

To slice fine cuts of meat or your Sunday roast, look for a heavy knife with a stainless steel or carbon steel blade. It is also useful for cutting chops before cooking. Smaller ceramic or titanium blades help you to remove bones from meat, such as chicken or pork. Use a knife with a thin blade to slice pieces from a roast ham. Long, pointed blades allow you to fillet fish before frying.


Knives for the Dining Table

A matching set of steak knives provides your guests with an easy way to cut their meat at the dining table, and they can butter their bread with a set of bone handled knives. Vintage silver or stainless steel cutlery brings a traditional look to your table. Oneida cutlery comes in multiple patterns, some featuring flowers or vines etched into the handles. Kings cutlery sets come with matching forks, knives, and spoons with intricate designs.


Maintaining and Storing Knives

Investing in a good knife sharpener means that you always have an efficient blade that makes clean cuts. Some knives come with a kitchen block that allows you to store them easily, in addition to creating an elegant display on the worktop. If the kitchen worktop does not have sufficient space, then use a magnetic knife rack to store the knives on the wall.

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