Choosing the Right Pyjama Bottoms

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Choosing the Right Pyjama Bottoms

With so much time spent sleeping, everyone should have a comfortable pair of pyjama bottoms. Important considerations, such as comfort, size, style, material, and quality, ensure you end up wearing the right ones. Understanding the pros and cons of pyjama shorts, capris, and trousers is the difference between a comfortable night's sleep and an aggravating night of discomfort.



A comfortable pair of pyjama bottoms is made out of breathable fabric that is warm enough for the season. For example, choose flannel pyjama bottoms in the winter or colder months. Likewise, fleece pyjama bottoms also keep the wearer warm. They are known for being soft and breathable, which minimises overheating. Those who enjoy fleece can find thinner bottoms for different seasons. The most popular, cotton, is not as warm as fleece, but it is less expensive. Silk and satin are high-end materials best worn in the warm months. Made from the cocoons of silkworms, silk pyjama bottoms are hypoallergenic and feature a uniquely soft feel. Satin pyjama bottoms are a less expensive synthetic material made to mimic the benefits of silk.



Pyjama bottoms that fit properly ensure the wearer's comfort throughout the night or day. As they are meant to sleep in, slightly larger sizes in boys' and girls' pyjama bottoms can grow alongside children. As for men's and women's pyjama bottoms, since the waistband allows for flexibility in sizes, adults should choose based on more specific measurements like inseam for the best fit rather than solely looking at waist size. Lastly, look for a drawstring or elastic waistband that fits with only moderate pressure. Generally, baggy pyjama bottoms are usually more comfortable because they allow for proper circulation and flexible movement.



Pyjama trousers are best for the cold months, but those made of breathable material suit individuals who prefer trousers all year long. Most suitable for women, pyjama capris are a cooler option. A little shorter, they expose the ankle, making them stylish and versatile all year round. Best worn in the warm weather months, pyjama shorts allow maximum comfort in the heat. Men often favour loose fit shorts, while some women enjoy pyjama shorts made of tight, stretchy material.



Shoppers who want a durable, high-quality pair of pyjama bottoms should consider such brands as Ted Baker, Derek Rose, and Tommy Hilfiger. Less expensive pyjama bottoms come from top brands like Jockey, Ben Sherman, and Hanes.

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